This new millennium brings forth the revival of an ancient art which has modernised in its practises and is now ready to create custom body art for the new generation of fashion. Tattoos have become a style trend where people can express themselves as an unique individual. Let’s face it, tattoos are popular because it is an art and having them on your body makes you a walking piece of art that is more likely to catch everyone’s attention.

But you would be mistaken if you think that tattoos are something which is just the current style trend and would pass away with the flow of time. Tattooing is an ancient art which has always been a part of our human civilisation dating back in 3300 B.C. It has been a part of our civilisation since the beginning of the humanity. It has been practised and perfected throughout the ages in different cultures, for different purposes and in different regions across the globe. The process of tattooing has also gone through a long and hard drawn process where every detail of the art is studied and perfected for efficiency and beauty.
Niloy aka impestine [drummer of the band Evil Conscience] has always been into art from his childhood days. Music and painting has always been his most interesting subjects. However when he discovered tattoos like he discovered drums, his artistic mind took a whole new dimension. He is a dedicated tattoo artist and an extraordinary drummer who
enjoys his work and refines his art in the process. He is always obsessed about the fine details in his work and he has got an extraordinary sense of style which is apparent in all his tattoos. He is a good natured individual who is always polite and understanding even in the toughest situations. He always keeps his cool and works his way out of any problem, and that is one of his best qualities.